This year konsole kept the momentum it gained in 2020, and implemented quite a lot of userful new features. We Finally implemented Reflow, thanks to the combined effort of me and Carlos Alves - that was one of the most requested features of konsole for the entire history of the project.

Ahmad Samir fixed tons of issues in konsole, all around the codebase, he's the person with most commits on konsole this year, praise to him.

Waqar has been on a spree speeding konsole by a factor of too much - he's single handly managed to make scrolling in konsole twice as fast, and we are now almost as fast as the fastest terminals, and the fastest terminals don't offer what konsole offers.

FreeBSD got a bit of love under konsole, too. By the skillfull hands of Adriaan de Groot, our bsd wizzard.

We also implemented a plugin system for konsole, and the first plugin implemented is a putty like interface to manage SSH sessions

![A Puty like interface for ssh]({{ site.url }}/images/konsole_ssh_plugin.pcg)

All in all, we had around 200 commits for konsole this year, and that's a pretty good shape - one of the most active projects for terminals all around.