Konsole is having a resurge in the moment, it's the terminal emulator of choice for the power user that wants to break the 4th wall in *nix systems. Right now it can do almost all the things I want it to do, and a few more.

Since last year you can use splits in Konsole, with full drag & drop support between tabs and windows.

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You can also use Konsole to quickly check for thumbnails of anything that dolphin can show you, just by hovering with the mouse (and depending of your configuration) pressing shift/control/alt. To my knowledge Konsole is the only terminal emulator that supports this.

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Probably you already used ls to list a file that you need to get the full url, to open in an unrelated program that does not accept the common way to open files via the shell, and you need to paste into a dialog, or you just need to send the full path of a file for a project colleague. I had problems with this untill I snapped and implemented a way for konsole to Copy Location, it copies the full file path of the selected file, and adds this data to your clipboard.

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Konsole supported for quite a while a way for you to click in a file and open it in a the default editor (you need to have this configured in the profile) - but sometimes we don't want to open it in the default file, we wan't to visualize a image in gwenview or edit it in gimp, so now konsole supports a Open With menu quite helpful when you don't remember the name of the app you want to use but remember the icon. :)

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Now a few features I'm working that I expect that will be ready for the next version of konsole, those are still in review and I don't know when they will be ready, it's just a sneak peek:

Configurable dimm stength for inactive terminals - when you are working with split views and many terminals, there's a option in the profile that makes the terminals without focus darker, so it's easier to know which terminal you are, but it was not possible to configure the amount of darkening - and different people have different needs, so now you can do this: (not merged yet)

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Improved broadcast support - Konsole already supported this, but it did not play well with splits, and it was not really easy to integrate multiple windows. How you can now select what kind of broadcast group a terminal belongs to, any terminal that belongs to the same group will send data to it, there's also a None group - for terminals that should not send data anywhere, and a Broadcast to All groups, that will push data everywhere - despite being in the group or not. (not merged yet)

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Support for URL Escape Codes. There's a spec that specifies how a terminal application can embbed a URL inside of a block of text, by using the special notation: \e]8;;http://www.kde.org\e\\click here\e]8;;\e\\\n this is equivalent to the html code <a href="http://www.kde.org> click here </a> and there's a work in progress implementation for that in the works (featuring a VIP list of accepted schemas, currently only file, http and https are allowed, but the user can overrite)

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Those are all of the features that I worked (minus tons of bugfixes, security improvements and general rewrites that are unrelated to new features). I hope you all enjoy the new konsole, that is still one of the fastest terminal emulators around, even tough it's packed with features for the experienced and novice user.